The Peak Vise

I started tying flies on an old Thompson vise and ultimately upgraded to a Regal about 30 years ago. Like a lot of tiers, I’ve used many different vises over the years. Some were great but others were overpriced and/or marginally functional. Recently I ran across a great product at a very reasonable price, for those of us who would like to have a full rotary vise at their disposal as a replacement, supplement, or traveling unit. It’s a product manufactured in Colorado by Peak Engineering in Loveland for only $129.95.

This is a real bargain given the quality and workmanship. It uses the classic in-line rotary design with the canted jaws set-up on a pedestal base. The standard jaws, supplied with the vise package are of the draw collet type, and securely hold a wide range of hooks – #2-24. Other jaw sets for large saltwater flies or size 30 midges are available at a very reasonable cost. One feature I immediately liked was the substantial weight and size of the pedestal base and its white color which offers good contrast and is non-reflective.

If you’re in the market for a new vise you might want to take a look at an online article, The Best Vises, By Hans Weilenmann & Bruce Salzburg

Front Range Anglers is now carrying the Peak Vise – I think it’s a great option.