The Regal Vise….Back in Stock

I’ve been tying on a Regal Vise for over 25 years and I have no desire to change.  Why?  Let me list the reasons…….

1.  The unique design of the head/jaws consistently hold the hook in place better than any competitive vises I have ever tried.  The setup allows for immediate change in hook sizes or hook orientation (28 to 3/0) with no special adjustments.

2.  The head is setup on a swivel that allow it to rotate 360 degrees and to pivot 220 degrees.  Far more adjustable than almost any product out there.  In my opinion most rotary vices can come close!

3.  You can start out with the basic model like the standard with a clamp ($165) and continuously modify it by adding new heads, stems, and bases.  How is this possible?  All the components are completely interchangeable.  Let’s look at heads.  You can add a Big Game Jaw (sizes 22 to 5/0), Midge Jaw (sizes 32 to 6), Stainless Steel Jaw (sizes 32 to 2) or the Traditional Jaw ( sizes 22 to 1/0).  If that’s not enough you could go to a full center spin rotary with a Revolution Head.  Try to find another product with this flexibility?

4.  You can easily add accessories for tube flies, a bobbin holder, and traveling.

5.  The Bronze Pocket Base with 5 cutouts for holding hooks and beads is great.  Its super heavy and which provides a solid foundation for your Regal.  Pick up this base and then pickup a competor’s product.