The Roaring Fork & Frying Pan Report

I returned yesterday after fishing 4 days in the Roaring Fork Valley.  The fishing on drys and dry dropper rigs is outstanding.  Green Drakes are coming off in the evenings starting at about 8:00 pm.  Mark Riley and I fished the hatch two night in a row outside of Basalt and caught 20 or more fish each on both nights.  A mix or Rainbow and Browns up to  up to 18-inches. 
We used a double dry fly rig – a size 10 Royal Wulff trailed by a size 12 Green Drake fly.  The large Wulff let you see the fly in the darkness.  We got to the point that we were setting the hook on every splash.  We lost some very large fish in the swift current even though we were using 3X tippet.
Mark Riley is shown below casting drys (Yellow Humpys – size 14) to several large Rainbows over 18 inches.

Sunday Morning on the Pan we caught some very nice fish on PMD’s and midges (olive) – double fly set-ups

The whole area is fishing like mid-July!