The Silverthorne Shrimp

Minute Mysis Closeup

The Minute Mysis is a quick and easy pattern that delivers.

On my various adventures I am always driving through Silverthorne and looking upon the hoards of people fishing below Dillon Reservoir on the Blue River; a majestic stretch of river surrounded by outlet malls, angry osprey, and interstate highways. But it also has large rainbows that you can see smiling at you. I came across an old FRA video by Russ Miller on how to tie a one minute mysis shrimp and it got me excited to go wait in line to fish. My girlfriend and I found a spot with surprisingly no people in sight and were both equipped with clear thingamabobbers suspending a heavy fly on top of the small mysis pattern. The clear/glow-in-the-dark thingamabobbers are key with spooky fish because they are invisible to the fish and only partially invisible to the angler.

Within the first fifteen minutes Claire landed three nice fish on my freshly tied shrimp while I struggled on the other side of the stream. I switched my fly to the bts mysis I picked up from FRA before leaving town and like clockwork, broke the seal with a hungry rainbow. Although I still have mixed feelings about this section of the Blue it’s always a good place to stretch your legs and maybe catch an unruly beast.


List of the goods:

  • small glow-in-the-dark thingamabobber
  • uv minnow belly
  • tiemco 2499SPBL sz 18 hook
  • white 8/0 uni thread
  • tungsten stretch lace
  • uv knot sense
  • inova uv curing light
  • bts mysis