The Squibbster – destined for fame or …..



  • Hook- 1X Long saltwater hook – size 1-2 (pinch down barb)
  • Thread- White 210 denier
Eyes- medium black bead chain
  • Tail- Supreme hair- white with a few strands of Krystal flash- silver
  • Wing- Marabou blood quills all white or 2 white and 1 tan in the middle (3 feathers)
  • Body- thread wraps over tail materials
  • Collar- EP tarantula hairy legs, 1″ long brush, white
  • Substitute mono eyes for bead chain. However, the EP fibers float, and the minimal weight of the bead chain allows the fly to suspend. Mono eyes hold fly at/ near surface.
Substitute one chartreuse marabou plume for the center white plume.
  • Substitute olive pearl Krystal flash for silver.

This summer in Florida I have been diligently engaged in  trying to unseat the Squibbster as a favored pattern for Snook and other species along the beaches in Southwest Florida.  So far its not working!  Pete Squibb came up with this pattern after a night of intense intellectual reflection (some of his peers think he was encouraged by other factors).  Norm Zeiglers Fly Shop can’t seem to keep them in stock and Norm asks Pete to tie more at every opportunity.

Last night I copied the fly, made a few alterations, and renamed it the Paulster.  I have high expectations that this rendition will make the Squibbster a distant memory for the local crowd!