The Takahashi Report

This weekend we were honored to have Rick Takahashi as our signature Saturday fly tyer. Although he is known for his Modern Midge and Modern Terrestrials books, Rick has to be one of the most versatile tyers I have had the pleasure of watching tie. From streamers to midges and bass bugs, he can tie them all, and effectively too. If you missed out on his tying demo, we compiled a few of our favorite flies that he tied for the upcoming winter fishing, and below are pictures and recipes for these patterns.

Beadhead Paintbrush Baetis Nymph:takahashi Baetis nymph

  • Hook: TMC 2488 #18-24
  • Thread: 16/0 Olive Dun Veevus
  • Bead: Black Metal to fit hook
  • Tail: Olive tapered polyester paint brush fibers
  • Under Body: Olive polyester pain brush fibers
  • Wingcase: D’s black flashback tinsel
  • Thorax: Olive hares ear in dubbing loop

Black Ghost Streamer:20151123_094740

  • Hook: #6-12 Daiichi
  • Thread: Black danville
  • Bead: Black metal to fit bead
  • Tail: Black marabou
  • Body: Black estaz or Cactus chenille
  • Hackle: Black shallapen
  • Under-Wing: Black mallard flank feather
  • Wing: Black deer hair
  • Collar: Black ice dub

Also, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Takahashi’s Modern Midge or Modern Terrestrials books, we have autographed copies available here at the store.

Have a great week!