The Thingamabody

Last Saturday I did a clinic on how to tie the new series of indicator flies from WestWater Products.  After experimenting with these bodies I’ve come to the conclusion that they can’t be beat  – they will support an incredible amount of weight, never sink, are very durable, telegraph a strike better than anything else I’ve tried, and can be tied in a wide range of patterns.  Here are a few tricks that I use.
1.  Monofilament thread to tie down the bodies and UTC 140 to secure the legs.
2.  Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (Knot Sense works fine) to cement the body to the hook.
3.  Bodies can be colored with a permanent marker – give them a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails to hold and brighten the color.
4. Try wrapping the hook shank with bright shades of midge diamond braid to enhance the look of the underbody.
5.  The small (ants & beetles) and medium (hoppers, cicadas, etc) sizes are probably suitable for the majority applications.
6.  I like 1XL/2X heavy hooks like the TMC 3761….size 12 for the small and 8 for the medium bodies.

We don’t sell these in the standard 6 packs of one size and color you find in most Fly Shops.  We buy in bulk and sell them by the dozen in any assortment of sizes and colors for $8.00.  Two dozen should carry most people through a season.