The Weekend Outlook

It looks as if the weather this weekend is going to be nice, and that should allow for some good fishing opportunities. Here is an overview of our local watersheds, as well as our long trip recommendation:

Boulder Creek- Fishing on the creek has been consistent this week. Boulder falls downstream through town has been the best bet this week. Fish are still looking to the surface with the low water on nice days. My two fly rig would be an attractor type dry such as a #16 Royal Chubby, or #16 JC Special trailed by a #18 Rainbow Warrior or Tungsten Prince. I would be fishing mostly 6x fluorocarbon this time of the year with the clear water. Vary how far you drop your nymph, but 2-3 ft. behind the dry has seemed to be the best.

Clear Creek- Fishing has been a bit slower in the canyon and I believe it is because of the water temps. Fish here have just gotten done spawning. Fish in Clear Creek seem to be more willing to eat in the shallow water near the banks. We were not finding many fish on our guide trips in the deeper water. Most of the fish in the shallower water have been willing to eat on the surface, but the takes have been very lethargic. I would be fishing a dry dropper rig with either an attractor type dry fly, or a more natural baetis, trailed by a midge or baetis nymph. Some good patterns to fish would include an Ext. body BWO, Parachute Adams, a BWO Film critic all in a size 16-18, as well as a royal chubby and JC special in a size 16. Off of the dry I would drop a #18 Rainbow Warrior, #18-20 Olive Zebra Midge, or a #18-20 Mercury RS-2.

RMNP- The park is a little tough this time of the year with the lower water and colder days. If fishing the park, I would focus on either Fall River or Moraine Park. Fishing has been ok in these areas as of late. I would be running a double micro nymph rig this time of year in the park. On 6x or 7x fluorocarbon I would be running either an egg, or heavy tungsten baetis as the top fly, followed by your favorite midge pattern. Some of my favorite patterns would include a #20 Midge Bomb, #18 S&M nymph, #20-22 Mercury RS-2, #18-20 Olive Zebra Midge, and a #20-22 Rainbow Warrior. These fish are spooky this time of year, so if your using an indicator, make sure that it is a small, less intrusive one such as a white yarn or foam indicator.

Big Thompson- Fishing has been consistent on the Big T however this water probably sees the most pressure out of our local water sheds. On a sunny day expect a good hatch of midges and BWO. If there is a hatch it will typically occur between 10am and 2pm. Fishing during a hatch here can be difficult but rewarding. Some dries to throw would be a #22 Mole Fly, #18-22 Parachute Adams, #22-24 peacock cluster, and a #20-24 Morgans Midge. When there’s not a lot of visibly rising fish, nymphing two flies on a light set up will be the way to go. With 6x-7x Fluorocarbon, my first fly would be either an egg, a #22 Olive Zebra Midge, or a #18 Rainbow Warrior, followed by a #20-22 Copper Ribbed RS-2, #20-22 Cheeseman Emerger, #20-22 Jujubaetis in brown, or a #20-24 Voodoo Midge.

If you have time to explore this weekend, I would suggest checking out the Pueblo Tailwater of the Arkansas River. This tail water fishes well from beginning of November all the way through April. The fish in this water average 12-14 inches with a very likely chance of catching fish in the 18-20 inch range. This river can be very good for dry fly fishing opportunities, however I would start out with a 2 fly nymphing setup. On 5x or 6x fluorocarbon, I would be running an Egg or Pink San Juan Worm attractor, followed by either a baetis or midge pattern. I have had good success here with #20-22 RS-2, #18-22 Rojo Midges, #18-22 Red Zebra Midges, and #18-22 Rainbow Warriors.

I hope this helps make your outing this weekend a successful one. If you are unable to make it out, come by the shop on Saturday at 10am and see one of our own, Rob Kolanda, spin up some of his favorite flies!