The Weekly Outlook

Well with the colder weather and snow, fishing has slowed down on our local water sheds. If you are looking to get out fishing this week, Thursday and Sunday look to be the best days.

Boulder Creek- Fishing has been OK. Focus on fishing in town especially near the library or in Eben G. Fine park. Fishing has been a little slower, but fishing is consistent with dry/dropper rigs. I would be throwing a 7.5ft 6x leader to an attractor dry fly that floats well such as a #16 Chubby or #14 Amy’s ant. Dropped off from the dry, the most productive flies have been #16 Peach Eggs, #16-18 Rainbow Warriors, and #14-16 Pink SJ Worms. The fish dont really seem to be keyed in on smaller midge patterns quite yet subsurface. On some of the slower flats, there have been a few rising fish. These fish have been eating small baetis dries for the most part, and a #16-18 Para BWO or #18 Ext. Body BWO will do the trick.

The Big Thompson Below Lake Estes- This water is low, but fishing has been ok using nymphs mostly. Using a 9ft 6x leader, I would be fishing 2 nymphs under a micro indicator. I would start with a #18-20 Poison Blue Tung, or a #18-20 Micro May, and trail that with a #18-20 Sparkle Wing RS-S, Copper Ribbed RS-2, or a #18-22 Black Jujubaetis. It also might be a good idea to check out the inlet to Lake Estes before it freezes up. Fish small sowbugs, pink worms, eggs, and flash back PT’s at the inlet.

South Boulder Creek- Water is still very low, but the fishing here has been ok as well, although a bit lethargic, which is to be expected for this time of the year. My setup for this creek would be very similar to the Big Thompson but i would also include #16 pink or red SJ worms as a first fly in my nymphing setup as an attractor.

Clear Creek- Fishing has been pretty tough this week, and I wouldn’t recommend this as a close water option. The water temps have been hovering above freezing, making fish very lethargic in this stretch. If you are going to be fishing clear creek, I would fish it in Idaho Springs. This area has been the most consistent fishing all year for us. I would be running a Dry/Dropper setup on a 9ft 5x leader with a #14-16 Para Adams, Chubby or JC Special on top followed by #16-20 BH Prince, Blue Poison Tung, or a Rainbow Warrior.

If you are looking to get outside of the local waters, we recommend the Colorado River this week.

The Colorado colorado brownis fishing well throughout much of its drainage, but based on the day we had this week, we recommend the stretch from Pump house to State bridge. With the lower flows, the Colorado becomes much more friendly to a wade fisherman. Fishing was good for us either nymphing or streamer fishing. For a nymph setup I would be running 3 nymphs, and focusing on the pools where larger riffles dump in. The fish were pretty consistently stacked in these deep drop type pools. For my first fly i would be running some sort of stone fly. #8-12 black rubber legs, or brown stone bomb. Trailing the stone I would be throwing some sort of flashy baetis such as a #16 rainbow warrior, #16 FB Pheasant Tail or a #16 Red Copper John. The final fly on this rig should be some type of egg such as #16 orange or peach Mcfly foam egg. These fish are done spawning, and have moved into the bigger winter holding areas to start feeding and recover.

Hopefully this report will be of some use to you, and we hope you enjoy your day out on the water this week!