Thompson fishing and flows up & down.

Flows have been a little up and down this past week but when the flows have been 150 or less, fishing has been red hot on the lower Thompson. Cooler weather combined with good water has conditions prime. A few PMDs and Baetis have been hatching along with Caddis, and Midges-particularly on the upper 4 or so miles beneath the dam. The flow today was back over 300 cfs but expect these flows to come back down by the end of the week.
Dry fly fishing has been good through the pocket water with Stimmies, Hoppers and Caddis. Peacock PMX in size 12 proved effective for me, catching browns to 15″. On overcast afternoons make sure you carry a few Baetis/ PMD imitations. I prefer and recommend anything that sits nice and low in the film such as a comparadun or cripple.
Nymphing has been consistant with smaller #16-20 mayfly imitations. Pandemic BWO in size18 (pictured in the bow’s mouth above) has been my go to fly all summer on the T, but the same pattern in PMD, JuJu Baetis, Barr Emerger, RSII’s, PT’s, sowbugs and small Caddis pupa are all safe options. If fishing beneath the Dam midges become more important. If you must fish through the higher flows worms, Stones, and large sowbugs trailed with the previous should produce, just remember that the fish don’t want to buck the current anymore than you do. Look for soft water, and don’t walk through the edges without making a few casts!