Three Reports In One

Big Thompson:
There are quite a few slots of water open throughout the canyon. The fishing was great, when you could find a deep hole to sink some nymphs down into. Size 20 Ray Charles seemed to be the ticket and a small black midge also took a few fish. We only fished for a hour and a halfand landed about 8 fish. The fish are piled up right now and if you find a hole that produces you should stick with it until you pull a few fish out. I cannot wait for March when we get to see more of the river again as the ice recedes.

Boulder Area Ponds:
Ice fishing the Boulder area ponds was great this weekend. It seems like you just need to find that hot spot and drop small bright colored jigs down the hole. You should be tipping your jigs with meal worms to give yourself a better chance. If a hole does not produce you should keep moving; if the fish are there, they will bite right away. Had a chance to catch quite a few Perch this weekend, an some were in the 10″ range. It sure is fun to drink some ice cold Budweisers and pull fish out of the ice every few minutes.

South Platte River at Deckers:
I frequent Cheesman Canyon, but this Monday I decided to head to Deckers for a change of pace. I arrived at 8:00 and battled the ice, but at least I didn’t have to worry about any crowds. I sight fished a big Rainbow for about 20 minutes and eventually hooked up with a 16″-18″ Brown lurking in the shadows behind him. As they day warmed and 10:00 rolled around, I started to see some of the best action of this year. Small Rainbows around the 10″-12″ range were caught just about every other cast. Some Browns were mixed in and they tended to be a little bigger. The crowds came in around 12:00, but the fishing remained the same. I stopped counting after lunch and just enjoyed one of the best days of fishing I have had in a long time. Size 20 electric caddis were on the menu and size 22 jujubees were also on fire. If you have never been to Deckers, I strongly suggest checking it out; there is a reason why so many people frequent this section of river. Personally, I still like the serenity and solitude of the canyon, but if you can get to Deckers early it can be quite breathtaking to watch the sun illuminate the river.