Tiemco Premium Fly Tying Tools: An Engineering Masterpiece

Tiemco premium fly tying tools combine masterful engineering, elegant design, and utmost performance to create the most effective and easy-to-use fly tying tools available. Self-standing, Adjustable Magnetic Bobbins offer unprecedented thread tension control and Double Arm Bobbins use the strength and durability of stainless steel to ensure unmatched spool security. Available in standard, easy-to-see white and heavy duty black.

Tiemco premium fly tying tools truly are in a class of their very own, offering the first and only screw-tight Retractable Dubbing Brush that gives you previously unseen precision for dry fly dubbing. Dubbing is an art, and no artist should be without a fresh brush, every time. Finally, finish strong! The Tiemco premium Dual Finisher – Whip/Half-Hitch finishing tool provides production-level finishing on every fly you tie, no matter your finishing preference. Tiemco premium fly tying tools tackle any fly tying task, large or small.

Better Bobbins

Fly tying bobbins, at their core, simply allow for wrapping thread around a hook shank without the threat of losing thread tension, or worse, the thread altogether. While simple in theory, that’s much easier said than done, of course. That’s why it’s imperative to employ the best bobbin on the block.

And not all bobbins are created equal.

Tiemco premium fly tying bobbins feature vertically adjustable ceramic tubes, allowing for a more precise thread and tension control when wrapping around the hook shank. Move the adjustable ceramic tube forward for larger, full-body thread wrapping and thick thread application. Move the tube all the way back for utmost precision for small, delicate, or detailed thread wrapping. The ceramic makeup offers lightweight handleability while simultaneously providing utmost durability and strength.

Stop squinting! The fully adjustable ceramic tube is available in HD black and easy-to-see standard white.

The two, dual stainless wire arms of the Tiemco premium Adjustable Double Arm Bobbin provide lightweight security of your thread spool, and the thread keeper ensures no lost time due to lost threading. Remove the magnet case from the Tiemco premium Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin to reveal the adjustable drag knob for even further thread control. Simple lock nut construction makes re-spooling the Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin a snap…literally!

A Fly Fishing First

All it takes is a quick flip of the finger for a brand-new dubbing brush for every fly, every time. The Tiemco Retractable Dubbing Brush is the first and only screw-tight retractable dubbing brush on the market. A simple rotation of the brush housing reveals a well-preserved dubbing brush perfect for adding that final touch to finally bag the big one. Stainless steel construction ensures longevity, and the rotating housing will never catch, pinch, or cut brush bristles like other spring-loaded dubbing brushes.

Trout Fly-nominal!

The most common frustration when tying a fly is maintaining tension at the head.  With the Tiemco premium fly tying finisher tool, frustration is a thing of the past, no matter which finishing method you prefer. This Tiemco premium fly tying tool is unique in that it allows anglers the advantage of switching back and forth between Whip and Half-hitch finishing methods from fly-to-fly – or even in the same fly. No matter which popular finishing technique you prefer, or even if you prefer both, you can perform it with more speed and less sloppiness on every fly you tie.

Tiemco premium fly tying tools set a higher standard of quality than competitors’ similar products, and in one case not only set a higher standard but the first and only standard available on the market.

Think in the field, with Tiemco premium fly tying tools.