It’s Time For a Trip to Turneffe Flats, Belize

Our February 10th -17th Hosted Week at Turneffe Flats is almost here & there are only 2 spaces remaining for this upcoming adventure!
One of the best things about Turneffe Flats is that it’s more than just a fishing lodge.  There is an adventure for everyone.  It’s a great place to bring your significant other because there are several different options for them as well. If you or they are an avid photographer, or maybe you just want to explore the atoll, the Atoll Adventure Package may be perfect for you.  If you want to go SCUBA diving and see what Turneffe has hidden on its reefs, flats, and in its blue holes, then the Diving Package may be right up your alley.  Or, maybe you just want to get away and relax.  If that sounds like you, we have you covered!  With the Rest and Relaxation package, you can be pampered to your heart’s content!

If it’s the fishing you’re after, then there is no better place to spend a week fly fishing saltwater flats for tarpon, permit, bonefish, and many other species! We have the best permit fishing tides on this trip, so if it’s a Permit you’re after, this is YOUR WEEK!

Don’t wait any longer, Book your Adventure to Turneffe Flats today!

Call 1-877-935-2975 or email  FRA Adventure Travel Manager Craig Beckjord [email protected] or Steve Mclaughlin [email protected] for questions or to book!

Fishing Package $4,390 + $346.20 tax = $4,736.20 per person

Combination Package $4,490 + $354.70 tax = $4,844.70 per person

Diving Package $2,790 + $210.20 tax = $3,000.20 per person

Atoll Adventure Package $2,590 + $193.20 tax = $2,783.20 per person

Rest & Relaxation Package $2,490 + $184.71 tax = $2,674.71 per person

*these rates are specific to February trip dates.  Other hosted trip prices may vary!

Upcoming 2018 Turneffe Flats Hosted Trips

If our February Hosted date doesn’t work for you, please check out our other FRA Adventure Hosted weeks and book today!

February 10th-17th
June 9th-16th
August 11th-18th
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November 3rd-10th

We are also a certified Turneffe Flats booking shop for non-hosted weeks as well, so if you want to fish or adventure at Turneffe, please give us a call as we do it all for no more than if you booked it yourself. There is never a charge for FRA Adventure Travel Services.