Tippet Rings – How to use them, and not lose them.

Tippet rings have an interesting place in the fly fishing world.  In an arena of knots, adjustments, and skillfully crafted rigs, tippet rings can be seen as an easy way out, making it easier to adjust depth, change tippet, and tweak rigs, without a handful of knots in your playbook.  Some people may frown on this, but like it or not, more and more people seem to be turning to tippet rings as an answer.  The biggest problem many people have with tippet rings is the easiness of losing such a small thing.  FRA Guide Wallace Westfeldt discusses his method step by step.

“Lately in these high water conditions I have been using different length sighters for tight target nymphing. Because I am changing these and sometime putting them on client equipment, I am re-attempting to use Tippet Rings. On my first go around with this, most of my rings ended up on the ground, in the carpet, or in the water. They are small and once you drop them they are pretty much gone. 
This time I haven’t lost any, yet. Quite simply I tie the ring to the sighter while it is still on the holder.  

(Tippet ring holder attached to zinger)


(Threading the sighter on to the ring)


(Forming the knot; note still on holder)


(Tighten know while still on holder)


(Remove ring from holder after tightening knot)

(Immediately close holder after removing ring.)

(Immediately close holder after removing ring.)

“If you are having trouble with tippet to tippet knots, make a lot of adjustments, or just feel like trying something new, give these a try.” ~ Wallace Westfeldt