Tungsten Teardrops

When fishing the Chubby or a large hopper/stimulator with droppers in fast water I want my nymphs to drop quickly through the water column and stay there.  I don’t like or use split shot and was interested in using small flies on heavy wire hooks in size (12 & 14) to achieve this requirement.  My solution ended up being a product brought into the shop in the spring of this year from Spirit River,  Tungsten Tear Drops in 2.3 (14) and 2.8 mm (12) (available in black nickle and gold).  They were the just the right fit on a Tiemco 3769 (2X heavy).

Here is a 2.3 mm teardrop on a 3769 size 14 hook.  They are slotted so they can fit around the bend.  I apply a thread base and a drop of superglue to bind them to the shank.

I wanted these flies to be pretty indestructible so I coated the wraps with UV Clear Fly Finish from Loon (Clear Cure Glue works just as well).  They were to sit in the middle of the rig and their primary job was to sink the trailing fly, size 16 to 18 beadhead (non-tungsten).  The fish loved these flies and they proved to be just as effective as the trailing pattern.

I used thread and or krystal flash on the bodies and tied in florescent orange hot spots.

The teardrop shape made out of tungsten added a huge amount of weight – over 2X a standard tungsten bead.

The Teardrop Nymph is now SOP in the fly selection I carry with me.  I haven’t used them on still water yet but I have a feeling what the result will be.