Tying on the Road

When I come down to Florida every year I bring a lot of fly tying material with me.  More often than not, I end up experimenting with various patterns and color combinations until I find something that the fish are particularity interested in.  One such pattern in 2012 has been an all white fly tied on a size 6 TMC 811S.  Its very simple to tie…here’s the recipe:

Thread:  Danville 210 white.
Tail: Four white saddle hackles – two per side with 3 strands of pearl krystal flash on each side
Body:  White craft fur mixed with a small amount of pearl Baitfish Emulator assembled in a wire dubbing brush (could be done with a dubbing loop).  Brush/pick out and trim the fibers into a baitfish shape.
Eyes: Montana Fly 3-D red eyes coated with Clear Cure Goo