War Eage Creek in AR Produces 36-inch Striper

“The white bass run is a pretty big deal here in Northwest Arkansas, as thousands of the fish leave Beaver lake to spawn in various rivers and creeks. My buddy Gannon Randolph and I were catching white bass on our 6wt fly rods in War Eagle Creek when I hooked into this 36″ striped bass on a brown and orange Clouser Minnow. The fish took me well into the backing on an upstream run, then, when I caught up to her, turned downstream and ran even further. I chased here about 200 yards downstream before she tired enough for me to start taking in line. When I got her into about 3″ of water, my 8lb leader finally snapped, but I quickly grabbed her by the gill plate, then hauled her back upstream, where Gannon waited with his I-phone to snap a pic. If he hadn’t had a camera handy, that fish would have had to go into the cooler, but after measuring her (36″ from nose to tail. I don’t know how much the fish weighed, since we had no scale.), I put her back in the water and spent about 10 minutes holding her upright and moving her back and forth before she was strong enough to swim off. Watching that giant fish disappear into the depths was a transcendent moment”……Clint Horan ~ Fayetteville, AR