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Fourth of July Fishing Outlook

Good news!  Water across the Front Range is on its way down.  Even places where the water is still up are fishing well.  Take a peak at what we have been up to this week and feel free to steal a bit of advice for your weekend fishing.

Big Thompson below Lake Estes

Weekend Fishing

Chris with a good bow.

“Picked up some nice fish on #18 Ray Charles. Saw some leftover caddis. Tried the Electric caddis with no effect. Switched from Nymph rig to Chubby and frenchie and had immediate hits in riffles and pockets on Frenchie. Some hits on Chubby. Change location saw more caddis, switched dry to Hippie Stomper Red and got hits 50/50 on HS and Frenchie. Water reasonably clear and fished well. Hooked fish everywhere we went and landed everywhere except one. Fished all over the T. Mostly hit in seams next to banks. Saw Caddis, Baetis, and PMDs, all good size but only a few risers.” ~ Craig King


_MG_3448 copy

Pretty scenic fish photo.

“I took my guests to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We fished in horseshoe park for the first half of the day.  The bite was very good almost immediately and we managed to catch fish on size 14 pheasant tails dropped below a black or red hippie stomper.  Everyone was into fish in the first 20 minutes making it a very enjoyable day.” ~Randy Hanner

Rocky Mountain National Park is fishing exceptionally well.  Although the crowds are thick, fish can be found in the high alpine lakes.  The fish are still focused on smaller insects.  So luck was limited with larger flies.  The fish are cruising near the banks however, which makes them much more accessible.   We were picking up fish by sighting them and leading a cast nearly ten feet in from of them.  Secondly, they were very spooky.  To avoid scaring any fish, we needed to reduce false casting and add a little distance into our cast.  Some fish were hugging structures which did allow for a closer approach.  We did take time to drop flies in log jams and piles of boulders.  This was productive but difficult to keep a fish on the end of the line do to too much thrashing in hang up areas.  The best flies for us were midges in brown, blue, and black hanging 12 inches below an emerging calbaetis.  Good luck!” ~Andrew Zentner

High Alpine Lakes


Yes, that is snow on the ground!

“A ton of high alpine lakes options are opening up and fishing well.  Almost all of the high lakes should be great.  In RMNP, Mills, Sprauge, the Loch, and Dream have all been good.  Indian Peaks is fishing well also, but still snow on many trails here.  If you want to shake of the summer crowds, pick a lake and hike in.  The fish are on the feed.” ~Zach Lass

Boulder Creek

“Hey now what’s that sound, Boulder Creek is coming down!!!! As you can tell my excitement level is at an all time high. The flows are lowering more and more with each day that passes. Warren, Logan and I went and fished above Boulder Falls and had an amazing time. We caught close to 30 combined and missed probably another 50. It was a great day to be out on the water. We concentrated on the slower pools with a dry dropper and finally saw the fish coming to the surface and taking the dry fly. We used a chubby Chernobyl, size 16 and a brushhog, size 16.


A Boulder Canyon Brownie!

Other dry fly patterns that showed some interests were hippie stompers and some stimulators. The smaller ones, size 18, worked the best but they did seem to role over on the bigger sizes as well.  Get above the Boulder Falls and work the edges and you will do great!  The lower canyon isn’t far away.” ~ Adam Spoerl 

South Boulder Creek

Above Gross Res, the clarity is great and the flow has dropped.  Fishing has been good with nymph rigs, dry dropper, and smaller streamers.  Below Gross Reservoir appears to be on its way down.  It is at 270 CFS today and that is fishable, just use caution wading.  As soon as it gets to 200 and below, the game is on!

Clear Creek

Unless you are whitewater rafting, I would cross Clear Creek off of your weekend fishing list.

Guided Trips

We still have a few guides remaining so book now for the holiday weekend!

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