Weekend Fishing Report

Here is a detailed fishing report from FRA Guides who were out this past rainy weekend!

Big Thompson below Lake Estes Fishing Report – 100 CFS

Wallace – “Big T was running at around 100 cfs Saturday. Pretty much an optimal level. There were some small surge releases in the morning, which add to the discoloration and debris, but too much.

Fishing was good in slower and shallower areas. Fish ate Rubber legs, Blue Tung, Electric Caddis, Soft Hackle Sow Bug, and later on keyed on Pink SJs. Nice size fish in the Canyon. Still not fully distributed throughout the river. Find where they are and stay there for a while. Cold weather and hail seem to shut down and surface hatches.”
fishing report

Bryce – “Great looking water right now, nymphing heaven. CDC PT sz18, copper ribbed rs2, juju baetis, poison tungs, and mercury RS2’s  was working.  100 CFS is awesome on the Thompson and the water clarity is good right now.  The Big T should continue to produce good fishing.”

Big Thompson above Lake Estes Fishing Report – 160-200cfs

Nick D. – “Fished Big Thompson in Estes. Decently clea water and fishing great with pink and orange egg patterns, small stones, copper johns. Fast water on the edge of deep runs produced the most fish. For us it fished best from 9 AM on after water warmed a little. 5X was important for success. Mostly rainbows and a few Browns.”

big thompson               big thompson 1

Rocky Mountain National Park Fishing Report-

Adam – “Well, just like every spring day in Colorado, she threw everything at us. Darald and I headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park and we got hammered by every type of weather. Snow, sleet, rain, hail, thunder, mild lightning, we had it all. Other than the very wet conditions we had a great day on the water. The fish were eating throughout the entire day. And the water was flowing at managable flows with just a little bit of a off color. Squirmies and juju beatis were killing it all day long. There were also an occasional rise to surfacing midges and BWOs. Make sure to visit RMNP when the waters around town and up in the high country blow out. It will remain at a fishable level throughout the season. Stop into FRA to check out the conditions and book a trip.”

adam guide trip 1 adam guide trip 2 adam guide trip 3

Boulder Creek Fishing Report- 80-120 CFS

Bryce – “On Sunday, we fished Boulder creek. Sugar loaf area was 119cfs but fished well in protected pools. If fish could see the fly they ate. Two chubby eats as well. Try larger pheasant tales, caddis pupa, smaller stones, and iron lotus as nymphs.  Chubbies, JC Specials, Bigger Adams, and Stimulators are all good dries right now.  Fish can see them and although you’re not tagging a ton of fish on them, you will get a handful of eats.”

Boulder Creek Channing Tate Boulder Creek

Blue River Fishing Report: 350 CFS

Bryce – “Fished the blue around 350cfs on Friday. When we arrived the usual upper holes were taken so we wiggled in to second tier holes. At the higher flow, the fish are spread out, and not just concentrated in the honey holes.  Picked up fish on pheasant tails and small midge patterns.  Moving down towards i70 we spotted a fish in faster water and we pulled a covey of fish out of the slot. Many fish were found in the faster water throughout the day.  
Cdc PT sz 18 was the fly to use for us.  Worms, tailwater tiny’s (red), red/olive zebra’s, and mysis all worked as well.”

Blue River