Weekend Fishing Recap

We had a great, long weekend and here is a weekend fishing recap for those looking to get out this week.

Boulder Creek- 200CFS @ Orodell

Boulder Creek is on the rise.  Keep an eye on the flow.  Right now it is still fishing, but it is continuing to climb day by day.  Definitely get above Four Mile.  Above the Falls has beIMG_3279en good too. Look for softer water, edges, and seams, to hold the majority of the fish at this higher flow.   Wide and slower water with pockets seemed to be the best location.

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Big Thompson below Lake Estes – 135 CFS

The Big T was busy this weekend, but at the current flow, is fishing very well.  The current flow is ideal for both nymph and dry dropper fishing.  Dry fly fishing has gotten better and should continue to improve.  Throw small caddis in the afternoons and BWO’s in the evenings.  The BWO action later in the day has been awesome.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Upper Fall River is low and clear but fishing well.  Stealthy approaches with light tippet will be rewarded with fish.  Smaller dry dropper combos, ie; ants, parachute adams or purple haze, and caddis on top with zebra’s, barr’s emergers, and small san juan worms will produce.  Moraine Park was slower and more challenging.  A lot of traffic in the meadow section over Memorial Day Weekend which may have contributed to the tougher fishing.  Look for Moraine Park to get better in the coming days.  The deeper pools produced best throughout Moraine, especially when the sun was up.

weekend fishing recap

A pretty awesome sight.

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Clear Creek – 261 CFS @ Lawson, 448 CFS @ Golden

Clear Creek probably saw the most dramatic change in flows over the weekend, coming way up.  Fishing above Lawson can still be productive, but I would be hesitant about fishing below.  The canyon is really humming right now and if you do fish it, need to be very careful while wading.

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Blue River – 750 CFS

The Blue below Dillon is cranking and the fish are super happy.  This is maybe on of the few times of year where the tailwater is not super technical.  Mysis are plentiful in the upper reaches.  Big bugs will get eats throughout as well.  Try rubber legs, big prince nymphs, san juans, and streamers should all be productive.  Careful wading is a must, but you should be able to do a lot from shore.  Fish will be pushed to the edges and hanging in the softer water so you shouldn’t need to wade too much.  Biggest challenge on the Blue right now is landing a huge fish in the strong water.

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South Boulder Creek – 50 CFS

SBC is finally running again.  After a long stint around 10cfs, SBC is back on the rise and this is good news.  Boulder’s closest and favorite tailwater is now in the prime range for good fishing. Look for it to continue to rise more, but as long as it stays above 10 cfs, the fishing will be good.  This may be our best option in the coming weeks as a lot of the Front Range water will rise.

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Looking for new spots to fish?  Want to learn new tactics for high water?  Take one of our professional guides out for a half or full day.  303.494.1375


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