Weekend Report

Over the weekend I was able to hit a few spots for a few different species–you know, mix it up a bit.

I decided that with the warm temps and the big-ass moon that a little night fishing might produce. It did.

I hit a pond near my house and chose to throw a Belly Ache Minnow to see if any warm water residents were looking for some baitfish to tear up. It started out a little slow–got a few knocks and what felt like a couple subtle crappie strikes. Then, wham! Something sizable hit it and took off. I thought for sure it was a decent largemouth. But when the moonlight hit as I brought it in, I realized it was rainbow. Oh yea, I forgot…they stock this pond from time to time. Fair enough, it was fun. And not a bad trout, at 15 inches.

A few more knocks by some smaller fish (I’m assuming) were scattered throughout the next 30 minutes or so. With the moon silhouetting a brushpile tucked back in a cove, I heard the surface being broken by a big fish chasing a small fish, no doubt. I presented my streamer quickly, and after one long strip I had a fairly substantial fish hooked.

The fish breached and flared, so even in the dark I knew it was probably a bass. And it was. Measured at a hair under 17″ and fat as a pig. Not a bad night.

The next couple days were spent up on the Blue, scouting new water (new to me, at least) and trying to pluck a few finicky rainbows.

Above Green Mountain Res was difficult, to say the least. Beautiful water, but I didn’t even see a fish. Was hoping some big ‘bows would be coming up from the res, but no dice.

So, up stream it was. In town and down stream a few miles produced a lot of fish–taking mainly midges. A Two Bit Hooker took a couple 18″ers, as well as a couple smaller ones–but midges made ’em more hungry.

That evening, back down on the Front Range, I hit another pond and pulled in another half dozen bass. A kid fishing the same pond landed about a 3′ carp. Huge.

Fishing’s on! Up high, down low–most species seem to be active. Have fun!