Weekend Report: Deckers & Cheeseman Canyon

The Cheeseman / Deckers area continues to fish well through the holidays! With great weather and consistent flows, the South Platte below Cheeseman Reservoir should fish great into the New Year. The river was crowded with anglers over the weekend and most anglers seemed to be concentrated in the sunny areas that were also protected from the wind. The fish were active throughout the day, with peak action between 11am – 1pm. The midge hatch was minimal, but most fish are focused and looking for #20 midges regardless of the strength of the hatch. Other opportunistic fish were eager to take the micro pink worm and Chartreuse egg. Focus mainly on the deep slow water in the early and later part of the day, but fish will move into the faster deep riffles in the middle part of the day. Light tippet size and presentation seems to be the difference between those that are finding fish and those that are not. Fish are spooky so light suspension rigs are recommended with soft colored small indicators or dry dropper rigs and distance casting will produce the best.

Flies: Olive Tailwater Tiny #20-22, Black Zebra #20, Black UV Midge Emerger #20, Para-Adams #20, Purple Haze #20, Micro eggs, worm.

Ben South Platte Deckers Bow