Weekend Update (Pueblo Tailwater)

Got a chance to fish this Saturday and decided on the Arknsas River below Pueblo Reservoir. The water clarity was about 2 feet and the fishing was good. We started off nymphing and caught some nice fish throwing a three fly rig on 6x fluoro. Your first fly for this was should be some type of attractor pattern. Size 12 pink squirmies seemed to work the best and provided enough wight to not have to use any split shot. Trailing the worm, the most productive flies were #18-22 BWo Barr’s Emergers, #18-22 RS-2, and #18-22 Red Zebra Midges. From 11-2 there was an incredible BWO hatch, that had a lot of fish feeding on the surface. A 9ft 7x leader with a #18 Para BWO or #18 BWO film critic seemed to be the ticket. We fished a large section of the river, but the area from Valco bridge upstream was the most productive for us. If you have a day free this week or on future weekends coming up, give this tail water a try.

Here are some of the flies that should be in any anglers box for this time of year.BWO