What are the best lake patterns for Greenbacks in RMNP?

russ –

i am tying up some flies for RMNP and fishing the lakes in search of
greenbacks.. what are a few patterns you would recommend that I tie up?
also, if you can attach a picture of the fly, that would be helpful.. Thanks
man and see you in the shop soon.

Hey Ryan,

There are a few flies that I would recommend tying up for the high country.

Ants, both flying and regular. – This is a primary food source for fish up there. The wind is always blowing these guys around and they get caught up in crazy wind patterns, then get deposited in the lake. sz 18-14

Caddis patterns. – I find that small dark tan works best when tying them up. Most lakes have a healthy population of caddis even up around 11k. in sz 18-16

General Stimi patterns with rubber legs. I like having the rubber legs tied on there so when you give them a little strip they offer up a whole lot of movement. Sometimes a little twitch from something like this is all it takes to get the trout to turn and take. sz 14-8

Crossover Stimi/Hopper patterns. – See above, best for late season.

Small streamers. – Patterns like the bugger. Put a tung head on these and tie them up in Black, Olive, and rust colors. These are great for searching when you are not seeing cruising trout. Often times they will follow a streamer in for quite a while and you can get an idea for where they are sitting.

Remember to keep your patterns simple. These fish typically dont get an enormous amount of pressure and are willing to eat as long as your presentation is solid. See our fly pattern index for some great ideas and variations of many of these patterns.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any further questions.

~Russell Miller
Front Range Anglers
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