What Do These Fish Have in Common?

They were all caught on a fly I’ve been using for the last month.  I call it the Red Rider.  In the last 30 days I’ve caught over 60 bass, 4 Walleyes, 12 Wipers, and a considerable number of Crappies on this pattern which emulates a crayfish.  It has a lot of materials but its worth the time and effort.  Obviously you can substitute and adjust as you see fit.
Hook: TMC 8089 size 6
Thread: Danville 210 brown or olive
Tail: Orange Yak Hair mixed with Steve Farrar’s Redfish Blend, and Ice Wing Fiber in gold from Hairline. 
The tail is about the length of the hook shank and the rubber legs are about a quarter inch longer.   The suede needs to be applied so that it sits on top of the wing split evenly split split on two sides 
Legs: Beige jewelry stretch cord, and two strips of 1/8 red ultra suede on each side. Mark the rubber legs with a black Sharpie about every 1/4 inch. 
Eyes: Extra large silver beads chain
Under Body: orange crystal flash size medium
Over Body: EP Tarantula Harry Legs (tan 1-inch) wrapped counterclockwise.