What Fly Shops Never Tell You

Our customers are great, but here is something from BloodKnot.net that will reveal how shops really feel about customers. These are pretty funny, can you pick yourself out of the list?

GARY. (Male, 56) A steady flow customer that keeps the fly shop up to date on Wal-Mart’s pricing. Will buy a new rod and reel every year as long as the shop does not tell Mrs. Gary. Similar to Mr. Willy Bugger but has a true passion for the sport. Does not tie flies, wants pricing by the dozen. ANNUAL FISHING DAYS = 40.

HUGE TRUCK McFUCK. (Male, 20 to 30) Has a super hot girlfriend with him every time and leaves truck running outside blasting hip-hop. Wants black waders and wading boots. Will spend huge dollars on Sage, G. Loomis, and any reels made in gold colors. Cannot tie flies. Brings in pictures of trout on an i-phone and has a buddy who also wants to get into this “shit”. Buddy also has super hot girlfriend. ANNUAL FISHING DAYS = 25.

See the rest of the list, here.