What To Do About Runoff!

You can always wait for the water to drop or fish for bass and other warm water species readily available throughout Boulder County and the Eastern Slope.  If you want to have some real fun, tie or purchase a variety of popping bugs and fish them at daybreak or sunset.  All you need is a 6-8 weight rod, floating line, and  9-foot 2-0X leader.  When the bug smacks down on the water let it set for a bit (count to 30) then give it a slight twitch (just enough to cause a ripple).  If there’s a bass on it, it will disappear in a swirl.  You want to cast these bugs into heavy cover so be sure to have some with weed guards.

The above Largemouth was caught yesterday morning along with 6 others ranging in size up to 4-pounds.  The bug is a 3/8-inch yellow foam cylinder with bucktail and hackle tail and 3 rubber legs pulled through the center.  Below is an assortment of what I tied the previous day.