Williams Fork & Heat

It was going to be a hot day on the front range…

What better way to cool of than wet wading in the high country. Cory, Chris, Matt and myself decided to head up to Williams Fork River. We took off early, coffee in hand, and were on the water by 8:30. By the time we hit the water the mosquito’s were out in full force, and the sun was already beaming down on us.

The water looked amazing, picturesque runs and riffles seemingly loaded with fish. Within the first couple casts, Matt’s line went taught and a nice rainbow came to hand with a Sz 8 Chubby sticking out of his mouth. We thought to ourselves that this is going to be a great day.
It went down hill from that first fish… We stuck with a dry dropper rig for the first couple hours. Fishing a Chubby (worked the best) or any big dry as our lead and trailed a BH Soft Hackle Caddis.
Due to the high sun and rising temps, we were forced to go deep and start nymphing.
We managed to catch fish deep nymphing, with BH Prince’s, Pat’s rubber leg stone, Shamwow PMD, and a Electric Caddis.

About 1 o’clock, the thunder heads were building and a storm was fast approaching. By 2 o’clock, it was right above us. Finally the fish start to key on dries and managed a few up top before getting chased out by the weather. It was the slight reprieve from the heat that triggered the fish and allowed us to enjoy some of our great Colorado fishing.
Always keep in mind, Respect Private property.