Winter is here…lets face it.

What do you think, should we carry this?

Well I officially feel like winter has arrived now that the days are short and pretty damn cold. This past weekend I really wanted to get out fishing and try out a few new little patters that I whipped up. I even got some new materials from Montana Fly Company to try out and see how they “move” so to speak. So midges and some soft hackle anchor flies were on the menu to take down to the creek to do a little testing. Boulder Creek is a midge factory and if you want to know if the midges that you have been working on are actually worth their weight then throw them at 8 inch trout. They tend to be bigger critics than most tiers are of their buddies patterns.

They might work for a 6 incher…

Well I woke up and guess what it was cold, but there was snow in the high country and its much easier to stay warm skiing than standing in a creek. So up to RMNP to do a little back country skiing with my girlfriend.
Im sure that those flies will get tested this coming weekend, on either the Blue, Boulder Creek, or im even considering the Mile. Its been on fire lately, so im told.

The long walk up…skinning up out of Hidden Valley in the Park.

Perched up in a snow cave, resting up out of the storm before making our way to the top.
One of many perfect turns to be made on the ride down. Trailridge Road winds on to the left.