Yaeger’s 409 Attractor Fly Pattern

Coming into the skinny water season often requires a slight change in tactics. Action on big ugly dries and attractors that we are used to fishing in the middle of summer can sometimes slow. (Especially when your local fish have seen them a thousand times) We all know that fishing high floating, visible, and generally idiot proof dries is wonderful. However, low water conditions combined with exceptional clarity can make for difficult fishing. In the late summer and early fall, leaders get longer and flies get smaller. Yaeger’s 409 attractor makes it so that you don’t have to make to great of sacrifices. This pattern floats great and has a buggy look that is a little bit more subtle and natural than other attractor patterns. The Hi-Vis pink on the wing may seem a little outrageous in your fly box, but when its drifting through a riffle late in the evening, you’ll be glad it’s there.

We’ll see you out there,
Patrick Knackendoffel
Front Range Anglers