Yampa River Winter Fishing Report – 2/16/12

I’ve only fished the section of the Yampa below stagecoach reservoir during the winter. It is a 3 mile walk during this time of year which does cut down on the pressure. I walked but it appeared that a mountain bike was the best way to get in.
The ultra clear water made the sight fishing great. I think it really is the only way to be productive as most of these fish were sitting in the slower water and had a lot of time to check out the flies. If you were not paying attention, they would eat and spit out pretty quickly. If you didn’t see the “eat” you were going to have a tough day. They were feeding on midges and even rising on occasion. Size 20 midge larva and eggs were the most effective. I fished a variety of these great tailwater flies. Some holes contained over 25 fish and I was surprised at the great population of this fishery.

Until next time.

~Bill Leuchten