Abell Ranch

Come for the Trout, Stay for the Scenery and the History

Located just a mile outside of Lake George, CO and in close proximity to some of the most famous trout waters in the American West lies Abell Ranch. This 1,500 acre historic homestead is as pure an example of Colorado's frontier history as any other. With three miles of contiguous private water along the famed South Platte River, there is enough space for an angler to explore for days. With trout populations exceeding 1,000 fish per mile and consisting of browns, rainbows, and cutthroat, the fishing at Abell Ranch is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you desire to throw small dries to rising fish, large hoppers in the heat of summer, or flashy streamers for some of the trophy fish that call these waters home, Abell Ranch has something for everybody.

With three distinctive beats to choose from, anglers at Abell Ranch are guaranteed a tranquil fishing experience like no other. Rather than other people, anglers will be surrounded by the beauty of the Colorado rockies - with the chance to see deer, elk, bald eagles, and even river otters. Throw in the fact that 20 inch trout are the norm rather than the exception, and it is easy to see why so many anglers love Abell Ranch.


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Ranch Information

About Abell Ranch

This fifth generation 1,500-acre historic homestead settlement has the natural characteristics that truly embody fly fishing and hunting in Colorado. Timbered hillsides and vibrant riparian areas come together to show what has become known as the best private fishing property on the south platte river.

The Fishing
Abell Ranch is managed as a wild trout fishery. The property's 3 miles of the main stem of the South Platte River are home to brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout and kokanee salmon in the fall.

This ranch consists of 3 beats, 1 mile each and every desired fly-fishing experience can be found here. From small dry flies throughout summer, to dry dropper, nymphing, and streamer fishing, the Abell River Ranch is an exceptionally well -rounded offering.

Rod Fees
$200 per person, minimum of two rods.

Discover Abell Ranch

Watch this video to see all that Abell Ranch has to offer... we have no doubt you'll fall in love.