Alaska Wildland Adventures has operated Alaska vacation packages, adventure tours and wilderness lodges for more than 40 years. Founded with the goal of sharing Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife with travelers seeking a high-quality, authentic adventure for their vacation, we are proud to continue this tradition as one of Alaska’s award-winning leaders in small group trips. Alaska Wildland Adventures is committed to the values of ecotourism, expressed through our beliefs and guiding principles.
We have been committed to providing the highest quality Alaska trips from the beginning, over 40 years ago. We continue to refine our trips based on what we learn; this makes the difference between a vacation you quickly forget versus one you can remember with fondness, over a lifetime. The quality of your trip is our unwavering focus. We offer trips that let you experience the true character of Alaska and provide you with the best of adventure by day and the most relaxing, comfortable Alaskan lodge experience by night. We take care of the details – from the food and transportation, to well-trained guides and equipment – so you don’t have to!

Here are our top ten reasons to choose Alaska Wildland Adventures for your Alaska vacation:

1. A wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from
Enjoy hiking and nature walks, rafting, cruising on a small ship searching for wildlife, or exploring glaciers by boat or kayak. In the evening, join a fireside gathering, talk with a naturalist guide, or simply relax on your private cabin porch.

2. Visit Alaska’s wild lands and ecosystems while minimizing travel
Your trip may take you past coastal fjords and tidewater glaciers, through snow-capped peaks and forests, and on to vast tundra expanses. With six national parks and forests in the Kenai and Denali regions, our destinations allow you to experience a wide spectrum of Alaska’s topography and geology, wildlife and wilderness without leaving the area.

3. Enjoy amazing wildlife
By venturing into prime wildlife habitats in the Denali and Kenai regions, you’ll increase your chances of observing, hearing and photographing whales and otters, eagles, moose, grizzly and black bears, spawning salmon, caribou, and puffins, eagles and numerous migratory birds.

4. Smaller is better
Our activities are generally organized in groups of six to ten people, depending on what’s appropriate for the terrain. To ensure an intimate Alaska experience, our Alaska Adventures usually have 12-16 guests.

5. The very best in wilderness lodge accommodations
In our pursuit of excellence, we own and operate many of the lodges where you’ll stay. This gives us an uncommon quality control advantage with regards to staffing, training, accommodations and our lodge locations.

6. Savor our delicious and fresh, cooked-from-scratch food
Meals are a highlight of every guest’s trip. Our highly skilled and imaginative cooks emphasize freshness and flavor. From delicious Alaskan seafood to homemade breads to decadent desserts, you’ll be amazed at how well you can eat in the wilderness.

7. Get to know experienced naturalist guides
Each of our lodges has trained and experienced guides to lead you on your daily adventures. On our Alaska Adventures, your Trip Leader travels with your group for the entire journey. We hire the best, and many have worked with us for years. You will learn a great deal about Alaska, feel safe, have your needs looked after, and have ample time to enjoy some great Alaska hospitality and humor with a talented set of folks.

8. Form friendships you will take home with you
Our staff make excellent traveling companions and so do the other guests you’ll meet along the way. Some of our guests tell us they are still in contact years after their trip with us.

9. Go with an original
Many companies offer trips in Alaska, but they don’t all share the same level of commitment or experience that we do in Alaska. Our company, founded in 1977, is based locally in Girdwood, Alaska and we own several properties in the Kenai area. Alaska is our sole travel destination. Our guests often remark at the dedication of our staff and the smooth efficiency of our operations. This level of guest service is the result of over 40 years of dedication to Alaska, exclusively.

10. Contribute to the protection of Alaska’s wild lands
Alaska Wildland Adventures’ dedication to sustainable ecotourism practices directly benefits the wild lands and wildlife of Alaska. We donate 10% of our pre-tax profits to local conservation efforts. Simply by choosing an Alaska Wildland Adventures trip or lodge package, you will join the thousands of others who, over the years, have helped to protect Alaska’s treasured resources for future generations.

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