Fly Tying Classes

Learn How to Tie Flies with Front Range Anglers!

Fly fishing is a sport that requires both skill, patience, and learning how to think like a fish…Our fly tying classes take a deeper dive to better understand not only what fish are eating, but how to create the actual flies to fish with.

The “fly” is created with a hook and other materials, used to imitate insects, baitfish, crustaceans, or anything else fish are looking to eat.

The craft of tying flies by hand allows anglers to recreate what they have observed on the water, down to the color, size, and fiber. Our expert fly fishing team will help you learn the craft of fly tying, this includes:


- Basic fly tying techniques needed to tie dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers.

- Discussion of different fly tying tools necessary in the tying process, including fly tying vises, lighting, and organization.

- We cover fly tying materials in our fly shop, so that you can understand how, what, and why we use each one.

- Learn and practice the elements of proportioning a fly fishing fly with a variety of materials, so you can fool the fish on the water.

- Important tips and tricks that will make your fly tying process enjoyable


Our goal is to have you complete our class equipped with the fundamental skills needed to expand your fly fishing knowledge and fly tying craft!


It's summer, and we're out on the water fishing! Check back once the colder weather arrives to see what we have in store for the winter tying season!