Fly Tying Events

Offering Fly Tying Events for Anglers of all Levels

Here at Front Range Anglers, we are committed to not only outfitting our clients with the best fly fishing gear, but also equipping them with the knowledge to grow in the sport. In pursuit of this goal, we offer a variety of fly tying events that include:


- Education for fly fishermen of all levels; fly tying basics to advanced level techniques

- Fly tying presentations about materials and tools used to create your own flies

- Lessons on the entomology of our local Rocky Mountain rivers and lakes and fly tying for these specific waters

- Demonstrations from fly tying masters on how to create popular fly patterns

- Tips and tricks on improving your fly tying


Its summertime, and we're out on the water fishing! Check back when the colder weather arrives to see what fly tying events we have planned for the winter season!