Goodnews River Lodge

Experience Solitude in the Alaskan Wilderness

The Goodnews River Lodge is located in a remote corner of Southwest Alaska about 450 miles from Anchorage, at the edge of the pristine Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. As the ONLY full-service fishing lodge on the entire 3 branch river system, you will experience World Class fishing, as well as the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska as it should be. It’s just you and the fish. No crowds. No flying to the “best” river. It’s all here on the Goodnews River, and it’s all yours to enjoy.

The 3 forks of the Goodnews River flow out of the Ahklun Mountains and wander through the Togiak National Refuge as they make their way to the Bering Sea. There are over 490 miles of fishable streams, braids, creeks and river branches for you to enjoy, all without seeing another angler. The Lodge itself is located on the North Fork of the river, which is the main branch, right at the upper edge of tidewater, and just 7 miles from Goodnews Bay. From there, our jetboats can easily access all 3 forks of the river, as well as the lower tidewater sections. Chrome bright Salmon, most still with sea lice, are the norm. These fish are fresh and feisty and will challenge your angling skills. Resident Leopard Rainbows and Grayling live in all areas of the river and follow the salmon upriver as they get ready for their spawning rituals. It’s a river system as nature intended, with no trace of human interference besides you and your guide.


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The Fishing

What to Expect
As the only full service lodge on the Goodnews River, we have total control over fishing pressure and fish protection. With magnificent runs of all 5 species of Pacific salmon, sea-run dolly varden, and resident grayling and leopard rainbows, anglers are treated to the fishing adventure of a lifetime

Your Typical Day
Days begin with breakfast at 7:00, followed by departure from the lodge at 8:15. After a full day of fishing, you will return to the lodge at 5:30. Following dinner, your guide for the following day will be assigned, giving you an opportunity to connect with them and determine plans for the next day

Species Availability
King salmon are the first to arrive in mid-June, followed by Chum and Sockeye salmon in early July. In even-numbered years, Pink salmon also arrive with the Chum and Sockeye. The Silver salmon arrive in droves in August and run through September. Dolly varden, rainbows, and grayling are all present in large numbers throughout the fishing season


Lodging Overview
The lodge has a boathouse, dining hall, commercial kitchen, restrooms, drying rooms, and lodging for staff and guests. Each of our 10 guest cabins has a front porch overlooking the river, perfect for relaxing after a long day. Each cabin is built from weather-proof fabric, with some larger cabin options available on a first come first served basis at an additional charge.

Food and Beverages
Dinner is served between 6:30 and 7:00, and consists of hor d'oeuvres, refreshments, and a four-course meal of bread, salad, a main entrée, and a signature dessert.

Typical Length of Stay
Our weeks run Wednesday to Wednesday, and guests must be in Anchorage on the Tuesday before your week starts as we depart from Anchorage at 9:00am every Wednesday. The return flight arrives back in Anchorage at 3:00pm the following Wednesday.

Travel Details

General Information
All guests must take the charter flight from Anchorage to the lodge. There is no other way to access the lodge. Transport will be provided on TransNorthern's Super DC-3 aircraft from Ted Stevens International Airport to Goodnews Bay. This flight will leave from the Lower concourse from Gate L-2, just to the left of the baggage claim. Flight check-in time is 8:00am, and your name will be on Manifest for the Goodnews River Lodge flight at the gate. You do not need a ticket to board the flight, nor do you need to go to any ticket counter. The gate attendant will check you in. Please limit your baggage weight to 50lbs plus your carry on. Departure time (weather permitting) is 9:00am, with arrival to Goodnews Bay at 11:30am. At the end of your stay, the charter will get you back to Anchorage at approximately 3:00pm (weather permitting). Try not to schedule a flight home before 7:00pm.

Term and Privacy.

The Goodnews River Lodge accepts no responsibility for any effect that inclement weather conditions may have on your holiday. Adherence to dietary requirements can only be guaranteed if notified in writing at least 14 days prior to departure. All requests will be met wherever possible, but failing to provide for any special requests will not constitute a breach of contract.
Travel Arrangements and Insurance
We strongly suggest you consider Travel Insurance either through your Travel Agent or through Global Rescue at the time of your reservation. You should also check with your credit card company or bank to see if they offer protection on missed flights.
Cancellation/Refund Policy
At the time of booking 50% of the trip is due and payable. At 90 days the remainder plus all VAT and taxes are due. Cancellation greater than 90 days from the date of trip, all monies refunded less $100 fee if a replacement angler is found. Cancellation within 90 Days, no refunds are provided unless a qualified replacement angler is provided. No refunds are provided for trip cancellation due to Weather, Acts of God, Airline/Travel issues.