Fly Fish Guanaja is an all inclusive saltwater fly-fishing and adventure lodge in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Guanaja is the most remote and pristine of the Bay Islands with a prolific fishery. Fly Fish Guanaja lodge is a jungle beach paradise near the fishing village of Mangrove Bight.
Mountains covered in jungle tower over Caribbean flats full of permit, bonefish, tarpon, triggerfish and many other species. Fly-fishing guides, boat captains, pilots, chefs and more make up our authentic island team that never changes, only grows with lifetime memories. Guanaja is the most remote Bay Island located 43 miles off the north coast of Honduras and 8 miles from Roatan. It is know as the “Green Island” of Honduras, the most mountainous and lush of all the Bay Islands with unlimited natural spring water. Population is only 5,500 people and spread out in a few local fishing villages.

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