Perfect location to fish on your way to Christmas Island!
Front Range Anglers is pleased to offer booking assistance, advice, gear and flies for Hawaii On The Fly, based out of Oahu, Hawaii. Hawaiian bonefish are monsters compared to their cousins in most tropical fisheries. Bonefish in Hawaii average eight pounds, but fish over ten pounds are often caught. Knowing when and where to hunt these beautiful fish is 90% of the battle, and Capt. Mike Hennessy is world renowned for consistently putting his clients in the zone. Front Range Anglers also stocks the Hennessy Cognac Fly Series in the shop.

An average day on the flats will consist of seeing anywhere from 40-100 fish with up to 30 good shots at hooking a trophy bonefish. Accurate casting is more important than long-range bomb casting, so practice a bit before you come across the ocean. This will make your experience more enjoyable and successful!

Contact Front Range Anglers Adventure Travel Manager Rob Kolanda or Adventure Travel Coordinator John Brown for additional information and to BOOK!