August 1, 2022 “To ease travel to Kiribati, the Government of Kiribati has removed its pre-departure COVID-19 test and quarantine requirement upon arrival. However, travellers must be fully vaccinated and will be required to undertake a COVID-19 clinic test within 3 days of arrival.”
July 26. 2022 Update from our Partners at Ikari House, Christmas Island
Although Christmas Island will be reopening August 1, 2022 Ikari House is actively working towards a reopening of the lodge by mid October.  All is predicated on Fiji Airways resuming flights which is anticipated to resume by September 2022.  Understanding there are numerous obstacles to overcome from the U.S. agencies (TSA, CDC, FAA etc.) to Fiji Airways to the Republic of Kiribati to coordinate efforts on all sides for a long awaited reopening.
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IKARI HOUSE on Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is a destination that inspires adventure, and it is a mecca for anglers around the world. The fishing on Christmas Island is like no other saltwater destination on the planet, with nearly two dozen different species of fish to catch.  Located 1200 miles south of Honolulu and 120 miles north of the equator, Christmas Island has stable weather and fishing conditions year-round.  With over 240 square miles of hard sand and coral pancake flats inside the lagoon, you will find yourself  never having to fish the same flat twice.  Except for fishing the blue water, all the fishing on Christmas Island is done while wading the flats. Many of the named flats–Orvis, Paris Texas, Nine Mile, Y Site–are legendary, and they are endless!  There are many others called “pancake flats,” as most of them are roundish in shape and seem to erupt off the bottom of the lagoon, making perfect reefs for fish and fishermen.
Located in the small community of London, the Ikari House is a single-level lodge overlooking the water and facing the prevailing ocean breezes. All double occupancy bedrooms feature private bathrooms with good water pressure, plenty of storage space for gear and tackle, comfortable single beds, and ice-cold A/C units. The dining and social areas are outside and covered, letting you take full advantage of the cooler evenings. While this is not an upscale lodge with pillow service and flat-screen TVs, it is a very comfortable base of operations for fishing this remote atoll. We have visited all four of the existing Christmas Island operations and we’ve found Ikari House to be the nicest option on the island for overall accommodations, cleanliness, service, food quality, location, equipment and guide team. The staff and management are always accommodating and work hard to make your visit pleasant and relaxing.