A new level of luxury in Jardines de la Reina.

It has been an initiative of Avalon over the last decade to ensure a luxurious and comfortable experience in Jardines de la Reina by continually upgrading our yachts. In 2019, we released the Jardines Avalon III at 160 feet with the most updated amenities, highest level of comfort and incredible cruising ability. The JA3 set the standard for our newest project that was released in August 2020, the Jardines Avalon IV (JA4).

The Jardines Avalon IV replaced the former Tortuga that had developed a strong following for many anglers, divers, and eco adventurers who called this special place home for weeks on end, enjoying the classic comforts of this Cuban vessel. Now, with an increased demand for updates and higher levels of comfort and service, Avalon invested in a massive improvement building the Jardines Avalon IV from the hull up.

This remarkable 180 foot vessel stays moored in Jardines de la Reina and features 20 staterooms, a spacious lounge areas, and fabulous sun deck complete with two hot tubs. Providing the perfect view point to enjoy every aspect of the Gardens of the Queen. Each room includes, private bathroom, personalized air conditioning and heating controls, ample storage space, and convertible double beds. The cabins and common areas have electric sockets available for you to plug in your personal items (220 volts and 110 volts).

The sun deck includes four suites with direct access outside onto the sundeck balcony. The upper deck includes eight double rooms with private bathrooms as well as a lovely dining area and rear covered patio. The main deck includes another eight double rooms, a comfortable lounge area with large couches and entertainment space. The main entrance to the yacht features a massive rear deck and platform to keep all of your gear organized with easy access. The crew resides in the lower deck along with the engine room.

The Jardines Avalon IV (JA4) is the perfect home base for your week of diving, flyfishing, and eco-adventures while you experience and participate in our ongoing conservation program. Helping to keep Jardines de la Reina protected and pristine as it was hundreds of years ago. Come join us in Cuba!

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