the Orvis Helios

The Best Just Got 4 Times Better


Design for you


Our Story
Fly fishing is a game of inches. The ability to deliver your fly with confidence - on target, every time - means you will catch more fish. Innovation has been our specialty since 1856, driven by a simple mission statement: "We can do this better." And so we did.

Tip Displacement
Featuring the most significant reduction in tip displacement ever measured, the new Helios allows you to hit your target with laser precision.


Over-Engineered with a Purpose
For Orvis rod designers, "over-engineered" is no dig; it's a recognition that Helios performs far beyond the normal limits of a fly rod.

Less Swing Weight Without


A 10% reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel with a smooth transfer of energy that is virtually effortless for all-day casting without fatigue.


Muscle & Mettle
Orvis engineers analyzed decades of rod-building data and taper strategy to dramatically increase strength over Helios 3 in their ultimate breakage test.

More Bend and Backbone
The all-new Helios is 25% stronger, far surpassing previous generations and the competition, pushing the boundaries of durability without increased weight. When you hook that fish of a lifetime, you can fight with confidence.

The Helios Origin Story

Explore the process of designing the world's most advanced fly rod
Helios D

Impressive power and distance for fly-fishing conditions that demand it.

Helios F

Advanced innovation for next-level fly-fishing finesse.

Experience Solitude in the Alaskan Wilderness

The Goodnews River Lodge is located in a remote corner of Southwest Alaska about 450 miles from Anchorage, at the edge of the pristine Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. As the ONLY full-service fishing lodge on the entire 3 branch river system, you will experience World Class fishing, as well as the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska as it should be. It’s just you and the fish. No crowds. No flying to the “best” river. It’s all here on the Goodnews River, and it’s all yours to enjoy.

The 3 forks of the Goodnews River flow out of the Ahklun Mountains and wander through the Togiak National Refuge as they make their way to the Bering Sea. There are over 490 miles of fishable streams, braids, creeks and river branches for you to enjoy, all without seeing another angler. The Lodge itself is located on the North Fork of the river, which is the main branch, right at the upper edge of tidewater, and just 7 miles from Goodnews Bay. From there, our jetboats can easily access all 3 forks of the river, as well as the lower tidewater sections. Chrome bright Salmon, most still with sea lice, are the norm. These fish are fresh and feisty and will challenge your angling skills. Resident Leopard Rainbows and Grayling live in all areas of the river and follow the salmon upriver as they get ready for their spawning rituals. It’s a river system as nature intended, with no trace of human interference besides you and your guide.


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