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Slovenia is a truly unique place for fly fishing. It has become a popular destination for good reason. It is a stunning destination with tremendous diversity in terrain and rivers. The western part of this small country has an abundance of beautiful, fishable waters. In the northern/alpine region, the streams and rivers are cold all year long, making them highly oxygenated and an ideal habitat for cold-water fish like trout even in the hottest time of the year.

Fly fishing in Slovenia is normally a bit easier because of the low-nutrient (oligotrophic) nature of the streams – fish just have to eat all the time in order to get ready for the cold winter.

When Robert was in the Army, he was stationed at the US Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia for three years. As a fly fisherman, it was challenging to figure out how to go fishing in Slovenia, so the embassy connected him with Miha, who is also a fisheries scientist with Slovenia's equivalent of the Fish and Wildlife Service. Miha connected and educated Robert on how to fly fish around Slovenia. Their fishing together led to an easy friendship and eventual partnership in Water Man Adventures. Robert and Miha's desire is to share Slovenia with the fly fishing community and showcase the world-class fishing in a very interesting part of the world.

As the founders of Water Man Adventures, Miha and Robert are excited to share Slovenia with you. Robert has fished all his life and has had the good fortune to live in the country. During that time, he and his family were able to explore not only Slovenia but the surrounding countries to include Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. In addition to picking up the language, Robert found all the good places to fish. Miha is a native Slovenian and knows all the fishing waters of the country. His local knowledge gives you the advantage of having the best time possible while fly fishing in Slovenia. Also, he'll set you up for the best non-angling activities that show you the best culinary and cultural experiences in Slovenia.

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