Bugs For Beginners

Date: May 19th
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One of the toughest challenges in becoming a better fly angler is being able to correctly identify aquatic insects throughout their life cycle.  Eric Schmidt for years has been helping anglers to better understand how to properly identify bugs in their various life cycles in this class.  And after spending the morning with Eric, your knowledge and confidence on the river will lead to more productive fishing days and a deeper understanding of what trout are looking for.  

Throughout the class Eric will walk you through the 5 main bugs to know here in Colorado and talk about each one individually in depth to better understand each bug.  There will also be a good amount of time showing pictures of the real bug and which flies you should choose to correctly mimic that 

This class is designed for all ages and skill levels and is a must for all anglers looking to improve and learn more about fly fishing.

9am - 11pm

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