Fly Agra Floatant

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The acclaimed Fly Agra dry fly-floatant by Yellowstone Fly Goods is the best dry fly treatment and floatant to hit the market in recent years. Can be used either as a pre-treatment, or on-site to rejuvenate your flies' bouyancy while you're in the stream. Fly Agra will keep your flies floating even in the roughest of conditions. Simply dip your fly into Fly Agra's wide-mouthed bottle, remove, and let briefly dry. After just one dose of Fly Agra, you'll notice the difference on how long your fly will stay afloat and you'll be wondering why you didn't try Fly Agra sooner! 2 OZ. bottle.

Features Include:
  • Use either as a pre-treatment, or apply on-site!
  • Works great on all fly patterns
  • Wide-mouthed opening makes it easy to dip your flies
  • Works well in all conditions, even in rough water!
  • "If your fly stays up for more than four hours please see your local fly shop"

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