Intro to Fly Fishing 2024

Dates: April 14th
Sale price$100.00


The purpose of the class is to provide the beginner or expert fly angler a framework for catching more fish. We go through all the gear, where to fish, where to throw your flies, presentation, entomology, and much more.

Cost: $100/student    Length: 3 hours(9am-12pm)   Class limit: 8

Students are provided with flies, indicators, leader, and extensive handouts that include knot and entomology summary. Rod/reels are provided, if necessary, for casting instruction at the park


Class will begin inside with assessment of individual knowledge and goals.

From there we will dive into talking about the different fish species in the state, appropriate gear, entomology, knot tying, river etiquette, and much more.

After the in class session, we will head over to the park and do some casting and much more.

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