Lamson Liquid 590-4 Outfit

Sale price$359.99


Stay Liquid. It can feel like you're fighting the current or drowning in choices when picking your rod and reel combo; go with the flow instead. Take your pick between a 5 or 8 weight Liquid rod, paired with our ultra-reliable Liquid S reel in matching size. All poured into a protective nylon case that's ready to travel. Go all in with a fly line, leader, and backing fully tuned to this outfit and lined up. The rod casts with clean, crisp precision, and the dependable drag on the lightweight Liquid S reel rounds out these versatile outfits. Served with a big shot of style, you’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the water. Like the old saying goes, “Look good, feel good. Feel good, fish good."

Available in Smoke.

Includes US made fly line w/ welded loop, backing and leader.

5wt outfit includes 20lb dacron backing, floating 90' weight forward trout/general taper U.S. made fly line with loop and 9' mono leader. 

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