Orvis Hydros ll Euro Reel

Sale price$279.00


Our wildly popular Hydros® fly-fishing reel now makes its debut as a fully caged European nymphing machine. Given this style of fishing heavily leans on impossibly thin running line or monofilament for casting, we’ve modified our Hydros II into a Euro version with a full cage and tightened the tolerances to completely eliminate lines from slipping between spool and frame. We’ve also increased the reel’s weight slightly to better balance with the 10' and 11' rods so common in Euro circles. Again, we set out to make the best Euro reel, and we ended up creating an absolute machine, complete with the same forward-thinking attributes of the standard Hydros series. The reel includes a more ergonomically accessible drag knob. A refined seal on the sealed drag to protect the clutch bearing in the drag mechanism. That radiused reel foot for kink-free leader protection. Above all, it’s still got the bombproof, truck-stopping, fully sealed Hydros drag system with stacked carbon/stainless steel disc washers and zero startup inertia. In matte olive with silver accents.


3.5 in. dia. 5.6 oz.

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