Rio Tarpon Fly Line

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Size: WF-12-F
Style: CamoTip
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RIO makes a series of tarpon lines that cover the needs of tarpon anglers fishing in a multitude of situations and conditions. Each line is built with short, powerful front tapers to easily cast large flies, and are heavy enough to load modern, powerful fly rods. All RIO tarpon lines are built on medium stiff cores, and have hard, tropical coatings to withstand the heat. Welded loops on both ends of the lines allow anglers to rig easily.

The Rio Tarpon Technical line has a 60 foot head for greater loop control and fast pick-ups for second shots. We particularly recommend the Tarpon Technical line for the Florida Keys and other situations that demand longer presentations. Extreme Slickness Technology and Agent X enhance both the shooting and floating qualities of the Tarpon Technical line.

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