SA Magnitude Smooth Infinity Salt Fly Line

Size: WF-8-F
Color: Clear Tip
Sale price$149.95



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Magnitude lines are ushering in a new era in saltwater fly line technology, headaches with clear lines are a thing of the past. Our new family is loaded with revolutionary new technologies making it most durable and slickest clear floating fly line on the market. Period.

  • DuraCoat leverages advanced dual-polymer design to optimize line stiffness, abrasion resistance, and slickness. The core is enveloped by a supple material, promoting minimal memory and strong adhesion, while the outer layer boasts a robust composition that significantly enhances slickness and abrasion resistance.
  • Enhanced with EST+ slickness additive for unmatched durability, smoother shooting, and eco-friendly performance.
  • Using naturally buoyant polymers, we’ve created the next generation of clear floating lines. With the option of a 12′ clear floating tip that allow the angler to track the fly and a full clear floating line for the ultimate stealthy presentation.
  • Made half size heavy to turn over large flies on windy days
  • Extended head length for accuracy at distance
  • SA MAG S INFNTY SLT WF X F  (X = line weight)

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