Scientific Anglers Rod Sleeve

Size: Half Single
Sale price$16.95



Scientific Anglers rod sleeves allow you to protect your investment and keep tangles to a minimum while transporting multiple rods in your truck or boat.

  • Unique braided construction perfect for storing fully rigged rods or rods broken in half
  • Available in four sizes: full and half for both single hand and spey fly rod models (Yellow available in Full & Half Single only)
Yellow Item Number Red Item Number STYLE SIZE FITS Sugg
140645 131834 Full Single 95” 10FT 18.95
140652 131841 Half Single 45” 10FT 16.95
- 135825 Full Spey 140” 15FT 29.95
- 135818 Half Spey 64” 15FT 19.95

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